When holding space for shamanic bodywork clients, I always meditate before our work together to prepare myself, and often add a small artifact or reconfigure my shrine in some way in order to to ease the releases and changes they need in their lives.

Afterwards, I pray, smudge us both with herbs and will sometimes even give a small token or item symbolizing the work and powered by the charge of the forces we invoked together.

Extended shamanic sessions involve taking our work together off of the massage table altogether and into my private temple, where we will collaborate to design a custom “working” in my elaborate personal shrine, rewriting the story of your life together through a temporary installation of personal effects and power objects configured to hold and redirect the surging energy of your new narrative.

If appropriate, I may also give you a custom shamanic tool we designed and consecrated together to help guide you forward with a renewed sense of purpose, peace and power in your life.