Empaths and Health Care

Since Health Care Reform is such a serious topic these days, I figured I’d throw in my two cents. This has nothing to do with Donkeys or Elephants (unless you’ve brought some flowers for Ganesh or for a fellow human in consolation that we’ve all been such jackasses to ourselves, each other and this planet).

***Integrated Medicine – involves the application of ancient restorative wisdom, techniques and tools into the scope of practice of what is considered traditional ‘Western’ medicine. 

In my opinion the invocation of tandem usage has been mostly ignored, dismissed and underrepresented as legitimate Health Care by our society. Whether it’s in re: complimentary, parallel therapeutic endeavors or inter-spliced/ woven of one treatment into another… creating a tapestry of the ‘known’ … a multidimensional layering of applied wisdom thereby popping into reality a volumetric increase in the potential of the NOW- which, in the right hands… would transform the individual’s experience of healing and recovery, exponentially.

Though there are plenty of cases that don’t qualify, there are So many that DO. How often do we give ourselves the opportunity to consider which of our health issues may be actual manifestations of somatic traumas and unresolved emotional issues?

According to research. 1 in 5 people register as empathic in some way. 

Think about that, 

as an individual, 


in re: families/group social structures,

then ultimately- en masse, as a species.

**How has that changed our physiology/psychology?

How much of our lives have we actually chosen to remained yoked to the burdens offered up by the collective unconscious and the affect of Archetype?


Why are we so rarely taught to challenge this behavior model?

‘Tirelessly strive for mediocrity’…said no great mind, ever.

Let us encourage each other to discover the true boundaries of the self and accept authorship for who we are as Individuals. 

Our past is what made each of us – but it really only still exists if we continue to engage it or as scar tissue… inhibiting the full extension of our being.

I am the creator of my present and the author of my future. How many of us could say this and mean it..? How many would rather not? Is it possible to find your ‘self’ Without censoring the reality of blur as we tip toe closer and closer toward the unborn mind, the state of being from whence we all came. The aforementioned soul spelunking adventure could fill a lifetime, as it is wont to do, GLORIOUSLY or Dreadfully…. it takes up the same energy, regardless.

Suppose it’s true- 1 in 5 are empaths, how much of what we are feeling is our own and not static/ feedback from a neighboring fractal pattern? Wouldn’t it be nice to figure that out 

Is it possible to build healthy filters that could provide the clarity to process your OWN issues and get past them- for good?


And it’s worth the work


There is no masterpiece greater than a laugh that rings true, or a heart that isn’t afraid to love. The inherent beauty encountered while engaged in the cultivation of the self- once freed from the shackles of ego, goes beyond measure.

Each path is different 

Each one unique.

Contact me for an assessment – together we can work out the right plan 

for you. 

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Perception is Awareness Shaped by Belief