An internationally acclaimed sculptor and performance artist  whose passion for movement, healing and somatic wisdom lead her from professional dance and the fine art world to the intensive clinical LMT program at Miami Dade Medical College, Nicole honed her uniquely multidisciplinary approach to bodywork under the close mentorship of Dr. Kevin Berkowitz, the global leader in stem cell/regenerative medicine at The Advanced Stem Cell Center of Miami, Mt. Sinai Hospital.

As a Reiki Master and Medical Intuitive, Nicole brings a hybrid therapeutic protocol to her work, often allowing her to resolve long-standing issues where other approaches have failed.

Nicole seeks to activate the body’s natural healing processes to their fullest potential within each client. Presenting with issues ranging the spectrum of orthopedic and neurological injury/disorders from the recovery of atrophied musculature, breath work for scoliosis and pain relief for fybromyalgia, many clients see a 15-20% increase in their range of motion by the end of a single session!

A highly trained Trance Medium and initiated Taoist, Nicole has in recent years also decided to bring her uniquely powerful spiritual gifts to the public. Drawing on techniques as diverse as Qi Gong and Feng Shui, as well as her own background in Energy Medicine, she brings to the table a unique blend of visionary bodywork, collaborative ritual and personalized altar and shrine construction the impact of which is frequently described as “life changing” by her clients.

Whether you are seeking pain relief for a medical condition, the release of deep seated fears and patterns which may have been holding you back, or even just a supportive guide for your journey, Nicole’s ability to blend expert-level Medical Massage and Therapeutic Massage with time-honored traditional spiritual techniques will bring balance and healing to your body and home and a new sense of passion, power and peace to your life.

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